Marathon des Sables Training: The Start

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Hello everyone
I would like say WELCOME to my story.  I was accepted to Marathon des Sable 2010. The period will be from 1st to 12 April.
I know what is it your first thought YOU ARE CRAZY. Probably yes but i want to do !!!…just to share with you what I am goig to do : is one of the hardest competition of world in the desert, where the participants start with their bag, body and dream and will arrive after 260km and 6 days.
Water fortunatelly is available during the way and check point but everything have to be moved and run with you…..HOW TO PREPARE IT ???
…okey…discover with my and follow this blog…day per day…I will publish my workout…

2 comments on “Marathon des Sables Training: The Start”

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