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Marathon des Sables Training: Unique

Hello everyone
I’m starting to realise that there will be…a lot things to do the next months…and I am honest all togheter are a fantastic STOP but as all my CRAZY project I would like discover step by step…what to do and if ALL WILL BE TRUE WILL BE UNIQUE….
I would like publish my workout training week per week but first of all the next 3 week are to understand what I need to do, here the first to do list:
1) Budget: i will participate to this competion as private this means that all the cost are in my budget and are big, 3.300€ for the subscription but I need to consider 1.000€ more for the equipment (bag, shoes, clothes glasses…ect …)…I need to find a strategy….
2) Training: the training plan is very particular because if I consider all as a Personal Trainer are around 6 Marathon together but doesn’t enough because there are other variables: bag, desert, temperature…and….test before all is hard…I need to plan big goal per period
3) Motivation: I am alone…the last competition I was prepared with olther friend…but in this one i am alone…could be the BIG motivation but…could be the OPPOSITE…i need to control it…
…okey let’s go a lot words this evening:
Today: 1h running , medium intesity just 13km….20minute swimming….and as cool down…in the evening 3 beach volley match with my friends…in the beach….comment: strange training specially the cool down i would like a key word for the today training: FUN !!
Speak soon….
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Marathon des Sables Training: The Start

Hello everyone
I would like say WELCOME to my story.  I was accepted to Marathon des Sable 2010. The period will be from 1st to 12 April.
I know what is it your first thought YOU ARE CRAZY. Probably yes but i want to do !!!…just to share with you what I am goig to do : is one of the hardest competition of world in the desert, where the participants start with their bag, body and dream and will arrive after 260km and 6 days.
Water fortunatelly is available during the way and check point but everything have to be moved and run with you…..HOW TO PREPARE IT ???
…okey…discover with my and follow this blog…day per day…I will publish my workout…
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