Marathon des Sables Training: Unique - TOTAL TRAINING
Marathon des Sables Training: The Start
Febbraio 6, 2010
La donna
Febbraio 6, 2010

Marathon des Sables Training: Unique

Hello everyone
I’m starting to realise that there will be…a lot things to do the next months…and I am honest all togheter are a fantastic STOP but as all my CRAZY project I would like discover step by step…what to do and if ALL WILL BE TRUE WILL BE UNIQUE….
I would like publish my workout training week per week but first of all the next 3 week are to understand what I need to do, here the first to do list:
1) Budget: i will participate to this competion as private this means that all the cost are in my budget and are big, 3.300€ for the subscription but I need to consider 1.000€ more for the equipment (bag, shoes, clothes glasses…ect …)…I need to find a strategy….
2) Training: the training plan is very particular because if I consider all as a Personal Trainer are around 6 Marathon together but doesn’t enough because there are other variables: bag, desert, temperature…and….test before all is hard…I need to plan big goal per period
3) Motivation: I am alone…the last competition I was prepared with olther friend…but in this one i am alone…could be the BIG motivation but…could be the OPPOSITE…i need to control it…
…okey let’s go a lot words this evening:
Today: 1h running , medium intesity just 13km….20minute swimming….and as cool down…in the evening 3 beach volley match with my friends…in the beach….comment: strange training specially the cool down i would like a key word for the today training: FUN !!
Speak soon….
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