Marathon des Sables Training: Simulation - TOTAL TRAINING
Marathon des Sables Training: Me
Febbraio 25, 2010
Marathon des Sables Training: The numbers
Marzo 11, 2010
Marathon des Sables Training: Me
Febbraio 25, 2010
Marathon des Sables Training: The numbers
Marzo 11, 2010

Marathon des Sables Training: Simulation

Hello everyone, I would like dedicate my post to all my international friend who during this training period supported me. It’s very strong and exciting to share with my this challenge. I received a lot worldwide support words and first of all thanks for this, for me it’s a honour.

I started the preparation the 1st of  August 2009 and now after 32 weeks and just 15 rest days with more than 1.400km I just finished today my last race simulation. It’s amazing how the human body can follow the mind and vicevesa it’s a perfect balance.

For who don’t know the race I will run 250km in 6 days in the southern moroccan sahara (4-10 April 2010) all the participants have to organise alone everything during these days (eat, sleep, clean, rest…and run) so welcome to 25° Marathon des Sables and YES I AM.

It’s true click here:

During the preparation period I discovered the best and the worst of myself and the best and the worst of the people that I have around me. The school of life. Yes. I believe that to do this race it’s necessary to be crazy but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have the mind control …for me the people  don’t know really how they can to and which is their potential … often this situation is good because the people are happy to live normally…but the emotion to discover how we can improve how we can pass the “wall” of normality …

it’s an actraction just for “crazy” people who prefer to change , to be testimonial of an event, to be part of a unique moment, to be proud of themselves, to be UNIQUE. This my why in this race I don’t need to “control” my mind I need to feel my life that move inside to me and create emotion. I am hungry of  the life. Today with my friend Paolo we ran 50km in around 6h 30min, if we consider the distance it’s a normal daily lap of the race…but today was particular, I take my picture machine so you can understand why.

The ice and snow around us … step by step we reached the summit of the hill one by one….the temperature was very low (we started with -2C°) but during the day is growing; unfortunately the body during a big stress (dont’ forgot that I have with me a bag of 10kg ) dont’ like big temperature variation and for this probably after 35km the legs will be off. The question is: “Riccardo , how did you reach 15km more”. This is the emotion guys , this is the solution to go ahead without your legs. Around me was a wonderful view and tasting the smell of the nature, the force of the people who give me force and motivation, the same effort of my friend Paolo near to me … the happy moment of my life. All this is a fantastic engine to your dream.

I close this post with another thanks because you give to me force and I believe , with this my crazy race , to help you to achieve your goals and follow what is BEAUTIFUL in you.


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